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Who are we?

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As senior leaders we experienced coaching and coached our colleagues. We appreciated that coaching optimised professional development and gave leverage to school improvement. The difficulty was making coaching actually happen!

We set up learning threes to encourage group coaching around improving lessons; established a schedule of peer to peer coaching; and tried a programme of voluntary coaching that focused on a small cohort of staff. Some interesting lessons were learned.

Our attempts taught us that new coaches slip in to mentoring very easily. That the administration around coaching takes as long as the coaching itself. And that starting a coaching programme is one thing but sustaining it is a different matter.

We persisted because we believe that good coaching is a necessity for improving performance and not a luxury.

We created Trust Me Coaching with that passionate faith in mind, taking heart from our previous experiences, and believing that it is possible to create a success coaching culture in every school and college.

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Fulcrum Learning.

Fulcrum Learning (UK) Ltd

Fulcrum Learning is a professional learning company which seeks to support and develop people from their own starting points. Our services are based on outstanding professional practice across a broad educational spectrum. This has included senior leadership of a consistently outstanding school, senior lectureship at university level, developing and leading a wide range of collaborative projects as well as consistently outstanding classroom practice and facilitating nationally recognised programmes such as NPQML and NPQSL.

We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding, bespoke service to all of our clients. It was a real pleasure to receive commendations at the 1066 Business Awards (2015). Our awards were as Investor in Training Business of the Year and also as Best Start-Up Business. We are grateful to all of our client schools and colleges for their support and continued engagement with our services and products.

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