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Do you aim to maximise the impact of your greatest asset - your staff?

Are you struggling with peer to peer coaching in your school or college?

Are you looking for a financially smart solution that builds a success coaching culture?

Get the benefits of a success coaching culture now! Start a success coaching culture in your school or college by downloading this easy to use Coaching Culture audit.

The evidence for the powerful impact of coaching
is overwhelming:

More effective working practices

Staff report that coaching helps them to feel more focused and in control of their workload. With reports that 30% of teachers recruited since 2010 left the profession before 2016, and that 25% of current staff are considering leaving too, it is clear how much a coaching culture can help in meeting the demands and challenges of education at all levels.

Improved well-being.

Teachers, senior leaders and support staff appreciate the opportunity to access coaching at times, and in locations, convenient to their individual needs. With the Trust Me Coaching solution, the absence of booking session procedures, waiting for availability or complicated registration, maximizes the times that staff use the service, helping them to feel that support is always on hand.

Opportunities to reflect and plan reduce workplace anxiety which helps to support wellbeing, thereby diminishing the risk of long term absence due to stress.

Improved professional relationships

National College and DfE research asserts the importance of effective induction in establishing excellent professional relationships quickly. Newly qualified or freshly appointed staff need access to high quality coaching to maximise their smooth integration into your school or college. But getting sustained access to the benefits of coaching can be difficult and expensive. Trust Me Coaching coachees appreciate access to coaching that isn't complicated by relationships within the school or college. They feel less restrained and more confident, building improved professional relationships quickly and easily.

Maximising the impact of professional development

With CPD placing a strain on tight finances schools and colleges are seeking strategies to maximise the impact of professional development. Coaching is a proven approach to bring the benefits of CPD to more members of staff. Using the Trust Me Coaching solution CPD leaders observe the savings to their budget that comes from not having to train in-house coaches.

Senior leaders understand that a coaching culture sustains reflective practice and encourages innovation. They understand that Trust Me Coaching allows the school or college to benefit from coaching, freeing experienced staff to act more effectively where mentoring is required.

School or college finances are improved because the benefits of coaching can be accessed by all at a fraction of the costs incurred in face to face coaching.

How does it work?

Trust Me Coaching is the online coaching system that enables you to benefit from appreciative coaching at the time and place that suits you.

Trust Me Coaching is an online facility specifically developed to meet your coaching needs. Based on established coaching models with a proven track record of success, it's simple to use, effective in outcomes and completely confidential. Hosted on an online, web-based platform it supports professionals by offering a choice of coaching styles and a framework for reflective professional growth, all at a fraction of the costs incurred in face-to-face traditional coaching.

How you can benefit now

Coaching Culture Audit

Start a success coaching culture in your school or college by downloading this free, easy to use Coaching Culture audit.

The cost free audit supports you in assessing the key features of a success coaching culture and guides you to formulate the solutions that will bring the benefits of coaching to all of your staff whether you choose face to face, Trust Me Coaching or a combination.

Cost free individual account

Explore the advantages of Trust Me Coaching and benefit from 30 days of free coaching.

Cost free school account.

Start a coaching success culture with Trust Me Coaching today with one click. Set up a cost free 90 day whole school account. Every member of staff with unlimited coaching from day one. We are committed to enabling everyone to benefit from a coaching success culture, so you can try a whole school account for 90 days with no invoice and no commitment.